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Chicken Grain Feeder from recycled material

by Spurtopia

Chicken Grain Feeder from recycled material
Chicken Grain feeder

A common problem with feeding chickens is the mess they make throwing grain around which is not only wasteful but also attracts mice and rats. We addressed all these issues with our home made chicken grain feeder from recycled materials – a plastic bucket and  piece of PVC pipe – The feeder will store several kilos of grain which lasts for a few weeks.

How to make a “cheap-skate” Grain Feeder:
Cut a 150mm diameter PVC pipe to fit the full length of the bucket. Then cut a 2 cm slot  at the bottom of the pipe,  half way around the pipe. This will create a hole (slot) when the pipe sits on the bottom of the bucket and grain can flow from the pipe (grain storage) into the bucket. Cut two “windows” (holes) 5x10cm into the bucket about 5cm above the bottom for chooks to stick their heads in. The holes need to be just large enough for a chicken’s head to get in, so when pecking grain, the grain will not get thrown out.
We don’t have any wasted grain on the ground around the feeder and do not have any rat or mouse issues as there is no food to attract them. It works so well for us, it’s the reason we share the chicken feeder with you. If we can make it for free you can make it for free.

Chicken Grain Feeder from recycled material
Silo within the bucket

Chicken Grain Feeder from recycled material
Inside view

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Practical Frog June 14, 2014 - 12:44 pm

I like this idea! We did something similar but didn't think of cutting holes in the bucket! We used a dish shape on the bottom instead and they do tend to throw a bit out, especially when they are looking for sunflower seed! – Kara

SpurTopia June 14, 2014 - 12:53 pm

Hi Kara,
Thanks for your comment. You are spot on. If grain is on a saucer chickens would throw them out in a search for sunflower seeds they love. When we built the feeder the original bucket had just one long slot and chooks managed to throw grain out. thus I have to divide the slot, with a grey adhesive tape, to make two small windows just large enough for chooks to stick head in. The problem solved. Works perfect with no grain wastage.


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