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Wicking Pot – easy and quick to make

by Spurtopia

Wicking Pot - easy and quick to make
People are talking about up-cycling materials but what can we really up-cycle quickly and have a long lasting benefit? We make wicking pots from a plastic milk container to grow seedlings, herbs and strawberries. You can make and plant such a wicking pot in less than 1 minute. The pot provides a plant with a continuous supply of moisture via a wick which transfers water from water storage to the soil, on demand. You do not need to water it every day as it will last for several days/weeks.
How to make the wicking pot?

Materials you need:
– 2 or 3 litre milk container (or any available plastic bottle)
– piece of “Chucks” cloth.

Cut a milk container in half with scissors. Cut a piece of “Chucks” about 10x5cm. Punch a hole in the lid and push the “Chucks” half way through with a pair of scissors. Make sure that the “Chucks” is fairly tight in the hole otherwise water will leak through and flood the soil.

Plant seeds, seedlings, herbs, greens, strawberries and they will thrive as a continuous supply of moisture reduces plant stress during hot summer days.


Did you know: To stop evaporation,  use vermiculite on the top of the pot. It’s light so seeds can grow through. As vermiculite is also light in colour, it reflects sunshine and keeps the soil surface cool. It also holds a lot of moisture, about 7 times of its weight.

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Australian Gardening Granny November 26, 2014 - 9:51 am

Brilliant wicking pot Roman. Another good idea from SpurTopia.


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