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Consultations / Design


DO YOU WANT TO turn your backyard into a productive food source but don’t know where to start? Would you like to reduce your energy and water bills and further reduce your living expenses but not sure what initiatives are most effective and appropriate for you? Would you like to turn your entire property into a more sustainable place to live and work towards self-sufficiency?

Consultations / DesignI practise a holistic approach to sustainable living. My 15 years of intensive study were rewarded with a diploma in engineering (sustainable design) and a doctorate in environmental science. I have been consulting and practising sustainable design of buildings and communities for over 12 years designing environmentally friendly buildings and passive houses in Australia around the world. For most of my life, I have been gardening and living a sustainable lifestyle. I have been rewarded with multiple sustainable and gardening awards: C.A.N Award 2015 Environment & Sustainability, Winner of 2019 & 2020 Regional garden competition: Best Edible Garden & Best Water Wise Garden

I provide tailored consultations and assessments for individuals.


Consultations / Design

  • Garden consultation (approx. 4hr of intensive consultation & design)

Assessing an existing garden and solar access, discussing what fruit and vegetables you like to grow and eat, what is the potential amount of food you can produce in your garden with the estimated time involved.  You will end up on the day with a hand-drawn sketch showing proposed garden design and layout, listing what and where to plant, water harvesting strategies and priorities of evolving working stages.





Consultations / Design

  • Sustainable household assessment (approx. 3hr of professional assessment)

Reviewing your utility bills and assessing ways of reducing your electricity, gas, and water consumption. Measuring electricity consumption of various appliances and assessing your hot water system. Providing independent advice about solar hot water and solar electricity systems. Discussing “healthy home” aspects and answering your questions about a chemical-free household, electromagnetic radiation and using ecological materials. On the day, delivering a list of actions with their application priorities, estimated operational cost savings and expected payback period.


Consultations / Design

  • Environmental assessment of entire property & Architectural design review

(approx. 5hr of professional consultation & assessment)

This is a combination of a garden/land consultation, sustainable household assessment and Architectural design review of a new house and renovation of an existing property. Assessing your property according to permaculture principles. Exploring opportunities and providing solutions for working towards a more sustainable, self-sufficient life. Suggesting practical and inexpensive ideas for your household energy and water usage, waste reduction, material uses and organic food growing. Brainstorming “problem-solution” discussions to resolve specific challenges. You will be provided with a hand sketch of your entire property with suggested layout and list of actions to take (cost savings, payback period, priority).


  • Establishing  food gardensConsultations / Design

Building wicking (self-watering) garden beds based on a conceptual design and your selection of materials. Filling built garden beds with organic soil and planting with seeds & seedlings. You will be harvesting and enjoying taste of nutrition rich fruits and vegetables in a few weeks.


“Be inspired to take the first step – create your own Utopia!”


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Thanks Roman for the fantastic consultation. It was great to see the potential of our garden through your experienced eyes. We’re even more inspired now than after your great lecture at the library, if that is possible. The plan you made for us, of our front and back areas, is pure gold. We’re really looking forward to seeing how it transforms, now that we know what to do.

Ralf and Erin

Recently, I had a Garden Consultation with Roman Spur. What a fantastic experience! I learned how to improve the sustainability in my garden as well as receive a plan of action to get the work done. I have been very motivated since the consult, and have even learned how to make vegetable garden wicking beds. Roman’s enthusiasm for gardening is infectious, and I hope others will take the opportunity for a workshop or Garden Consultation.     Carrie DeBeyer

The best thing we did for our renovation was to have Roman assist us in the design and then follow up with an environmental assessment of the entire property, which was surprisingly affordable and will save us time and money in the future. Hayden Mokaraka

We have been to Roman’s workshops and also have had a consultation with Roman for a renovation we are undertaking and have found his ideas for sustainability and garden ideas extremely helpful. Roman’s enthusiasm,ideas and professionalism have been really helpful. We are now waiting for our garden to grow so we can reap the rewards we have put into place. Helen, Lawson & Jane

Recently Roman did an environmental assessment of my new property. He was here for over 5 hours and informed me in so many important matters such as what type of solar electricity system I would require and why, how to install rain water tanks and where to install them, sustainable methods of keeping my house cooler in summer without installing air conditioners, and lots more. He wrote out a plan of action with an excellent diagram which is a constant reminder of the many practical and inexpensive ideas he gave me during the consultation. He is knowledgeable experienced easy to talk to and very helpful.      Veronika Jones

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the awesome job you did designing and building my 2 raised self-watering garden beds and help with the planting. I was surprised and pleased at how quickly it all came together. All plants are thriving and the pea seeds which I planted 9 days ago have all germinated and are approximately 3mm high already. Tomato plants are in flower and I have already picked some salad leaves. All this in less than a fortnight. Couldn’t be happier. Myrene Tome

Thanks to the generous help and supervision by Roman Spur, I now have a lovely vegetable garden that will provide my family with fresh food for years to come. Lena Tisdall


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