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Spurtopia: Multimedia Kit For Self-Sufficiency

by Spurtopia

Spurtopia: Multimedia Kit For Self-Sufficiency



INTRO: Our Sustainable Living Story 15 minute inspirational video

     1. Sustainable living – 25 video segments:

00 Intro, 01 Bees, 02 Solar hot water system, 03 Garden Produce, 04 Fruit Trees in pots, 05 Pyramid, 06 Cob Oven, 07 Recycled bathtub, 08 Front Corner, 09 Fruit Forest, 10 Chickens 11 Worm farm, 14 Rain Water, 13 Energy Consumption, 14 Community, 15 Irrigation System, 16 Solar power,17 Recycled bathtub, 18 Herb garden, 19 Outdoor office, 20 Greywater Recycling,  21 Alongside the house, 22 Aloe Vera, 23 Sprouts, 24 Household cleaning products

  1. How to do… video tutorials

Bean sprout farm, Self-watering planter box, Wicking pot, Seedling pot, Worm farm, Chickens, Solar oven, Fermented food (Milk & Water Kefir, Yoghurt, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Sourdough bread)

  1. Schematics & Manuals (PDF’s)

Self-watering planter box manual, Self-watering bathtub manual, Raised wicking garden bed schematic, Cheapskate chicken coop manual, Solar hot water system schematic, Solar oven schematic, Seed planting guide for the subtropics, Raised self-watering garden beds – different constructions types, Self-watering herb spiral, Energizing mandala pyramid, Self-sufficient living schematic, Beekeeping

  1. Recipes (PDFs)

Raw lemon cheesecake, Cafe cake, Pumpkin cake, Black sapote cake, Gluten-free pancakes, Mead, Sourdough Bread, Rosella Jam, Chemical free household products recipes: Washing detergent, Citrus fabric softener, All-purpose cleaner, Toothpaste

  1. Extras

Spurtopia Presentation (TEDx talk), Spurtopia – Small Kingdom flythrough, Spurtopia – Small Kingdom schematic (Pdf), ABC Gardening Australia (3 videos), Neighbours testimonials (3 videos), Garden video how we started, Roman Spur’s background video, Garden photo before (2009) after (2015), Spurtopia homestead – overview video, Sustainable Living in the Inner City – An inspirational  Case Study and Toolkit (Pdf), Spurtopia School Education (School excursion to Spurtopia video file)

                                                                                                                     ALL THIS KNOW-HOW FOR ONLY $65


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