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Mead – delicious drink and medicine

by Spurtopia
Mead - delicious drink and medicine
Divine drink and medicine

We always thought that making mead (an alcoholic drink from honey) was a complicated and long process. The opposite is true – it’s very easy and can be very fast.
The mead we have been making at home takes about 1 hour to prepare and is ready to drink in about 10 days. Here is the recipe of our homemade mead.

Mead Recipe:
1.5kg honey
4 litres water
a small piece of ginger (about 50g)
5g sachet of brewer’s yeast (available from Woolworths or buy mead yeast from a brew shop)

Mead - delicious drink and medicine
Mead on tap

Boil honey, water and ginger for about half an hour to get flavours, then cool down to room temperature. Pour into a home brew fermenter, add yeast, stir well and let it ferment for about 5-10 days (till it stops bubbling). Bottle your brew into clean sterilised bottles and store them in your fridge. You can drink it after 10 days, however the older the mead is the better it gets. It is the same as wine and women, the older they get the better they get :-). Once, I forgot a bottle of mead for about half a year and I have never drunk anything so delicious and healthy in my life.

Practical note: If you do not have a fermenter you can use a large glass jar, just make a hole in the lid to put through a bended straw. Seal around the straw where it comes through the lid with BluTak, and it can bubble into a small glass jar filled with water – so gas can be released but nothing can get in.

If you have your own honey like we do, you will be the very first person to touch and taste mead – a drink of the gods.

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