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Nature Is Our Teacher

by Spurtopia

Nature Is Our Teacher
How the garden used to look like….

Brisbane has experienced an extremely long dry winter and spring period when everything became very dry and the lawns, crispy. However our garden, with a lot of tender love and care, looked like lush green jungle as we kept watering with collected rainwater. Everyone was hoping for rain for so long and it came eventually in the form of a massive, unusual storm (cyclone 2 type) combined with a huge amount of rain, strong wind and hail.

Nature Is Our Teacher
Brisbane mega storm 27 Nov 2014

As a result, not only were the windows of our house broken and the façade dotted by the hail but the garden was completely hammered. The entire garden bed was flattened as nothing could withstand hail the size of golf balls. Paw Paw trees were completely stripped of leaves and most of our mangos and avocados ended up on the ground. 

Nature Is Our Teacher
….after the storm 

For some it could have meant the end of gardening (after drought and hail) but to us it is a very encouraging and powerful message. These unpredictable and severe weather patterns are Nature’s direct reflection of what is happening with human society. 

So we will start our garden beds from scratch and within 4 weeks we will start enjoying quick growing vegies like red radish and lettuce again. Nature is very resilient and powerful and everything eventually regrows.

More importantly it assures us that our ‘Spurtopian way’ of living provides great resilient, gives us strength to carry on living sustainably, walking lightly on the planet and encourages us to spread our message among people.
Nature is our Great teacher!

Nature Is Our Teacher
New growth appearing on pumpkin vine

Nature Is Our Teacher
Last surviving paw paws still hanging on a tree

Nature Is Our Teacher
It did not take long to see new live in the garden

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Anonymous December 2, 2014 - 9:59 pm

Roman, I saw the hail damage to the side of the building, but didn't realise that your garden was so devastated. I love your positive message – we can all learn from that. I trust your garden will soon be flourishing again under your gentle care.

Anonymous December 2, 2014 - 10:22 pm

What a wonderful positive outlook. Nature is a great teacher. Glad to see your garden is bouncing back.

Unknown December 10, 2014 - 10:16 pm

I'm happy to hear your positiveness, even through the unfortunate event. Are the bees okay?


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