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We decided to build a bug’s hotel for insects and

We decided to build a bug’s hotel for insects and bugs to provide the opportunity to breed and attract them to our garden. Various types of insects come and choose different hollows to nest. It is amazing to observe them and learn about their lives in this way.

All we do has got a multiple purpose. For example building a bug’s hotel serves the following purposes:

  • Using local recycled materials
  • Environmental benefits of attracting various insects to breed and be a part of a local ecosystem (our garden)
  • Learning, tactile experience for our daughter Lada, observing different types of insects and bugs and touching various materials
  • Gaining practical manual skills such as using a handsaw, hammer and nails, drilling holes etc.
  • Staying outside in fresh air during these beautiful days

It’s easy and quick to build and looks quite impressive.

Materials needed: a few pieces of slats (timber), bamboo sticks, straw and tree branch.

Cut pieces of wood and use nails to create an envelope of the bug’s hotel of whatever size and shape you like. Cut the bamboo sticks in about 20 cm long pieces with one end blocked (cut right behind bamboo elbow). Use a hand saw to cut the branch and a drill to make holes of different sizes. Tightly pack cut branches and bamboo into the lower compartment and put straw into the roof.

All that, at no cost, more importantly, spending time together and passing knowledge of nature and practical skills on to our next generation.

All this makes sense and Lada truly enjoys doing real things (rather than just playing) while learning and is already excited about our next project to do.

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