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SPURTOPIA HOMESTEAD – Sustainable Paradise Video

by Spurtopia

Check this video and be inspired to create your Utopia!

Our family produce more food than we can eat, we are energy positive, water sufficient and nearly waste free in less than two years. Come and stay with us and we will teach you.

We Do:
– Practical workshops and talks
– Excursions and Tours
– Self-sufficient Skills Internship Programs
– Digital Detox & Wellbeing Retreats
– Airbnb and Farm Stays

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selina April 20, 2018 - 12:38 pm

wow you have done well in just 2yrs of living there, did you do any videos of step by step to get where you are now?
i struggle to get this place going, everything i put in is gone within a matter of weeks, the soil is just too hungry & too dry most of the time; i keep going though as i figure one day it will just be a productive garden eventually.
your gardens look delicious & cool!
thanx for sharing


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