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Our Public Appearance…
Gatton Star Feb 2020 Meet the family who grows their own food all year
Infonews Jan 2020 Gardening tips – a water wise garden
Queensland Times, May 2018 – How this family can live on three – day -week wage
Channel 9 TV – Brain Buzz, May 2018 – Waste – How to build a worm farm (S1, Ep 63, 11 min)
Channel 11 TV – Totally Wild, Feb 2018 – Spurtopia Sustainable Farm (S25, Ep. 14 12:20min)
Channel 11 TV – Totally Wild, Nov 2017 – Spurtopia Homestead (S24, Ep. 162 16:40min)
Ipswich First article Oct 2017 – Spurtopians Way of Life
Brisbane City Council – Live For Less – series of sustainable living articles:
Oct 2017 Making your own stuff 
Sep 2017 Growing Food In Small Spaces
Aug 2017 Brisbane Sustainable Living Case Study 

HEIAQ Home Economics magazine article June 2017 – Sustainable living- A inspirational case study
ABC Radio Interview May 2017- Sustainable garden as a weapon in war on waste
TEDx Ipswich September 2016 – “Anything is possible: an article” and TEDx talk video
Hyperdome Library Workshop video podcast Aug 2016 – Food fermentation
Brisbane Times July 2016 – Logan becoming southeast queenslands greenest city
Practical Parenting Magazine – May 2016 – Lada Natural Birth Story
Bank of I.D.E.A.S Online article Feb 2016 – Meet the Spur family
Your Garden Patch  magazine Jan 2016 – Living a simple,happy and healthy life
4ZZZ Eco Radio 6 Jan 2016 – New year resolutions
GTAQ Queensland Geographer magazine Dec 2015 – Sustainable living in the inner city : An Educational Case Study 
Village News article Nov 2015 – Valuable lessons in Sustainability
Qmagazine:Courier Mail Nov 2015 – “Ordinary people” article
Czech Radio – Oct 2015 – Radio interview – Ekologicky žít můžete kdekoliv na světě, tvrdí                                                                                         Čechoaustralan Roman Špůr

Wellbeing magazine Sep 2015 – Spurtopia – sustainable housing article
Living Roots a Green Community internet article – Spurtopia- Spurring an Eco Utopia
1MillionWoman internet article –The Spur family are setting the sustainability example for the rest of us!
ABC Gold Coast – Radio interview
The Fifth Estate Online article – Backyard Veggie the key sustainability engagement
4BC radio interview – Reducing living expenses while achieving fulfilling lifestyle
Practical parenting Magazine – We spend less than $50 per week on groceries
Good Organic Gardening Magazine – The Kingdom of Spurtopia
Tweed link – Roman Spur to host a workshops in Tweed Heads
Brisbane City Council “Green Heart Life” newsletter  – “Learn a New Eco Skills” article
4MBS Radio – SpurTopia interview by Howard Ainsworth
4ZZZ Eco Radio – Grow your own food interview
Bris31 TV Blooming in Brisbane
Gardening Australia Magazine –DIY Masters
Bris31 TV Blooming in Brisbane
Internet News.com – Sustainable lifestyle is possible even in rented accommodation
Gold Coast Gardening Club – Article
4ZZZ Radio SpurTopia Interview
ABC Gold Cost  Radio Interview
4BC Radio InterviewABC North coast Radio Interview
SBS Radio Interview in Czech language
City North News – Slice of farm life in CBD


4ZZZ Radio Interview
ABC TV Gardening Australia – A Coop On The Cheap

4BC Radio Interview
ABC TV Gardening Australia – Little Inventions
ABC TV Gardening Australia – A Small Kingdom
SundayMail – Seeds of Love
SundayMail – Renew Your Lease on Life
Courier Mail – Cash is Carrot to Make Vegies Stick

Have Your Say…

A quick description of Spurtopia would be this: They love what they do and they do what they love. Their passion is like a flame that spreads fast and doesn’t cost anything. Thank you Roman Jana Lada and keep inspiring.
                                                                                                                                     Rado Trenciansky 

Never seen anyone this passionate about healthy happy life style! Well done Roman, Jana and Lada!
                                                                                                                                       Sarka Vrajova 

It’s amazing what good energy can create. Roman and Jana are inspirational.
                                                                                                                                    Anne Kovachevich 

What an abundance of passion for life! I was thoroughly blown away by your talk at Redcliffe (What’s cooking in the gardens). Am feeling so motivated right now!! Love your natural exuberance & love for your family – thank you!!
                                                                                                                                        Neil Brymner

Went and visited the house yesterday. It’s AMAZING. If you want to know something about gardening in the city you need to go check this out!
                                                                                                                                       Belinda Williams 
Dear Roman and Jana
Many thanks to you and your lovely daughters for giving me such a wonderful Farm stay – wellbeing retreat at the Spurtopia Homestead.  I feel refreshed and energized after spending the time with you all. You made me so comfortable, so welcome, and we feasted on delicious wholesome food.                                                                                                                                                             Jean Burke
Thank you so much to the Spur family today for sharing their easy yet innovative tips on sustainable living at the Rocks Riverside Park Community Garden Open Day. The passion was evident and infectious.
                                                                                                                      Kristine Hancock

Amazing amount of knowledge shared and gratefully accepted. So many ideas all tried and tested and very successful – recommend these workshops to everyone. This couple are a great asset to Brisbane and the rest of Australia.
                                                                                                                                          Sherryl Slapp

Thank you Roman for your energetic, open and inspirational talk!
                                                                                                                                           Tina Price
A beautiful, generous family “putting their good where it will do the most!” Very inspiring and uplifting!
Barbara Burger

These guys are amazing we should all be doing this.
Ann Field 

Thank you for being a great source of inspiration to us and many others.

Thank You Roman! I’ve just been to take a look at your site and YOU are amazing!! My goodness. Can’t wait to come to one of your workshops and to get to know you a bit better.
Arlanda Rayne

Thanks Roman for the fantastic consultation. It was great to see the potential of our garden through your experienced eyes. We’re even more inspired now than after your great lecture at the library, if that is possible. The plan you made for us, of our front and back areas, is pure gold. We’re really looking forward to seeing how it transforms, now that we know what to do.
Ralf and Erin

Recently, I had a Garden Consultation with Roman Spur. What a fantastic experience! I learned how to improve the sustainability in my garden as well as receive a plan of action to get the work done. I have been very motivated since the consult, and have even learned how to make vegetable garden wicking beds. Roman’s enthusiasm for gardening is infectious, and I hope others will take the opportunity for a workshop or Garden Consultation.
Carrie DeBeyer

The best thing we did for our renovation was to have Roman assist us in the design and then follow up with an environmental assessment of the entire property, which was surprisingly affordable and will save us time and money in the future.
Hayden Mokaraka
We have been to Roman’s workshops and also have had a consultation with Roman for a renovation we are undertaking and have found his ideas for sustainability and garden ideas extremely helpful. Roman’s enthusiasm,ideas and professionalism have been really helpful. We are now waiting for our garden to grow so we can reap the rewards we have put into place.
                                                                                                                              Helen, Lawson & Jane

Recently Roman did an environmental assessment of my new property. He was here for over 5 hours and informed me in so many important matters such as what type of solar electricity system I would require and why, how to install rain water tanks and where to install them, sustainable methods of keeping my house cooler in summer without installing air conditioners, and lots more. He wrote out a plan of action with an excellent diagram which is a constant reminder of the many practical and inexpensive ideas he gave me during the consultation. He is knowledgeable experienced easy to talk to and very helpful.
                                                                                                                                           Veronika Jones

Thank you so much for your talk at Nambour Library yesterday. You truly inspired me and i took away so many practical ideas that i can put into practice straight away. More power to you and your family. We need 100 more of you at least. You message is straight from the divine ONE to humanity.
Carola Fuentes

Thank you for such a great insight into your awesome well established garden (Spurtopia). You’re definitely doing a great job and amazed me with some of your ideas and knowledge as the garden not only features recycled product but also delivers a whole new word to ( green living )…From the water tank heating system right through to the plant growing techniques and even walking out the driveway upon leaving I was still shocked how much you have saved. Thank you for both yourself and Jana’s hospitality and welcoming me into your world
Ben Surfield 

Dear Roman and family
I wish to thank you on behalf of the students for the wonderful presentation and visit to your garden yesterday. The students were fascinated with your work and they got a lot of information for their study of sustainable food supply. Thank you again for a fabulous day, it was most enjoyable.
Jeff Wade and students Southern Cross Catholic College

Thank you for your presentation on organic gardening today at Bracken Ridge library. As I said to you afterwards it is the best I have ever heard because of your knowledge, presentation,thinking outside the box, your enthusiasm, passion and philosophy of wanting to share your ideas and help to make our environment better and also because you show what can be achieved by most people.

Liz Golingi

How inspirational. This couple are living the dream of many people these days.
                                                                                                                                            Judy Marshall

Thank you very much for sharing your vision. You are both inspirational in the way you live your lives. All the best in your new location. 
Julie Linwood
You guys are amazing! so glad we caught you Yandina Community Gardens today. Thanks so much for the informative AND entertaining talk.
Michaela Lovefruit Weber 

Firstly, I would like to say how much I love your story and lifestyle tips. I have found it all very inspirational. I have started by vegie garden using broccoli boxes and an old laundry tub. I have planted snow peas, zucchini, tomato and eggplant which all seem to be doing well. When I saw your story on Gardening Australia last year with Jerry it changed my life. I have so much to learn!!!!
Helen Steadman

Thank you so much for your talk today at the Yandina Community Gardens. We cant wait to try out some of your ideas and look forward to coming down to see your garden. Your Happiness and positivity shines through and inspires us to create our own little piece of Utopia
Monika Sprott

I wanted tell you that you really inspired me. A year or so ago I discovered permaculture and it has completely changed my life, I have since quit my job in the city to start a business (Eco-Tasty Organics) where I design and build sustainable edible gardens from balconies to rural. You have also shown me how easy it is be more self reliant in small spaces. Your ideas are awesome and simple and I’ll be making a solar oven very soon. It’s really not that hard you just need to get off your ass and do it which is what you have encouraged me to do.
Brendan Taylor 

I came to a self watering pot workshop you ran a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to thank you both again for a wonderful couple of hours. I loved your class and your generosity of spirit and your selfless willingness to share your knowledge with anyone who wants to listen.
Helen Bremner

You guys are really amazing and I share your story with delight and enthusiasm in every situation I can….even in Bunnings!
I pray that God will bless the works of your hands throughout the coming year and that He will provide all of your needs in abundance. He made everything perfect and humankind has stuffed it up however with people like you (and me of course ha ha) people will realize the damage done and change their lifestyles to renew our environment and world….it’s the only one we’ve got!
I will do everything I can to promote your work as if we don’t care about our planet we don’t care about it’s inhabitants….including us.
Keep up the amazing work.
Ros Wafer

Many of you may have seen Roman, Jana and baby Lada on Gardening Australia last year. They’re an innovative and charming couple who live in Brisbane and who are living sustainably in a rental property in the suburbs. They are growing vegetables in self-made wicking beds, harvesting water and living a simple life. They’re generously sharing their knowledge with the locals and have started doing workshops. Like me, they’re hoping to inspire many more people to live this way. Roman and Jana have just started a website so do yourself a favour and check it out – SpurTopia. There are a lot of photos and interesting information there. It will be interesting to watch it develop.
Rhonda Hetzel- Down to Earth